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In 2016 TWT acquired 4 parcels and 160 acres of quality wetland complexes.
2016 Property

In 2015 TWT protected over 500 acres of wetland and buffer complexes on 17 parcels. The protected land is located throughout New York State, and bring TWT's holdings to 1,270 acres in 11 New York counties.
2015 Property

In 2014 TWT purchased 373 acres of wetland and potential wetland restoration sites on 18 parcels. These protection sites are spread throughout four Central New York Counties and bring TWT's holding to over 780 acres in eight counties and 12 municipalities.

In 2013 TWT protected an additional 40 acres of prime habitat in Wayne and Madison Counties adding to existing holdings in those areas.

In 2012 the TWT protected five parcels including some extraordinary wetland communities.
Wetland Protection

In 2011 the TWT received three properties, totaling 110 acres. These properties are located in Wayland, Erin, and Morrisville, NY and include a variety of wetland and upland cover types.

Chemung County Property

In 2010 the TWT secured a 20 acre property in Chemung County. This property included 13 acres of wetland and 7 acres of cornfield. Two wetland restoration and enhancement projects will improve the quality of the wetland, provide wildlife habitat, and restore hydrology to drained farmland in perpetuity.

wetland restoration site

wetland protection site

This property was donated to the Wetland Trust in 2010 ensuring protection of 20 acres of wetlands and 1,500 linear feet of trout stream, 50 acres in total.

Protection parcel

The Alpine Junction site is a forested wetland preserve located along New York State  Route 224 near the Village of Alpine Junction.  The site is adjacent to Cayuta Creek a listed trout stream that drains to the Susquehanna River. This preserve is 50 acres in size including roughly 15 acres of forested wetlands. This wetland is dominated by red maple (Acer rubrum) green ash (Fraxinus pennsylvanica) and yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis). The preserve’s emergent wetlands are dominated by a variety of species including tussock sedge (Carex stricta), blue flag (Iris versicolor), American bur-reed (Sparganium americanium) and sensitive fern (Onoclea sensibilis).

Despite (or perhaps because of) livestock grazing in much of the emergent wetland the fenced in portion of the wetland exhibits a tussock sedge - hummock/hollow community with a lot of microtopography.  We have partnered with Binghamton University to develop a study design for this portion of the preserve to provide an opportunity to evaluate the results of grazing on this wetland type.

Protection parcel


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