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The mission of The Wetland Trust is to restore, conserve and protect wetland biota, functions and values.  We will work with partners to restore wetlands on private and public lands or our own properties.  We will help conserve and protect wetlands by helping secure conservation agreements on private land and when appropriate, acquire high quality properties.  In many cases these properties will showcase wetland complexes, provide an educational opportunity to the public, and protect rare, high quality, imperiled, or unique wetlands. 

To ensure the success of our mission the TWT will develop a sustainable source of funding from endowments, proposals, donations and wetland in-lieu fee projects.  We will partner with the scientific community to establish a sound scientific basis for selecting protection sites as well as restoration and construction techniques.

We also plan to establish a Wetland Center to house our outreach, education and research efforts.  This effort will help stimulate our primary mission of increasing the acreage and quality of wetlands on the landscape.


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The Wetland Trust, 4729 State Route 414,  Burdett, NY 14818  607-765-4780 , www.thewetlandtrust.org
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