Nine Mile Swamp Preservation

Photo by Patrick Raney

The Nine Mile Swamp lies along the banks of the Sangerfield River in Oneida and Madison counties. It is the largest wetland complex in the Upper Susquehanna River Basin, comprised of a diverse mixture of northern white cedar swamp, floodplain forest, emergent marsh, and rich fens. The entire swamp encompasses approximately 4,000 acres.

TWT identified Nine Mile Swamp through a computer analysis as the single, highest-ranking wetland complex in the Susquehanna River due to its size, restoration opportunities, and presence of rare ecological communities. The swamp is considered a historic location for spreading globeflower (Trollius laxus), and ram’s head orchid (Cyprapedium arietinum), both considered rare in New York. TWT presently owns 27 parcels within the complex, covering 663 wetland acres. TWT is searching for additional parcels to further our protection efforts.