In Lieu-Fee Wetland Mitigation

TWT achieves much of its conservation work by providing mitigation services for entities who are required under permit by the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to provide compensatory wetland mitigation under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act. TWT is a USACE-certified In-Lieu-Fee (ILF) Program sponsor where federal permittees purchase “mitigation credit’s” from TWT who in turn restore, create, and enhance wetlands in lieu of those destroyed or impacted by the permittee.

TWT’s flagship ILF site is a 100-acre former golf course located on the Unadilla River floodplain in Chenango County in central New York. TWT is restoring 52 acres of wetlands on the site by converting the fairways, greens, and ditches into series of shallow marshes, ponds, and wet swales. The site’s large size and floodplain location provides for water quality and flood attenuation benefits. Within only a few seasons following restoration, the site has become haven for waterfowl, ospreys, beavers, muskrats, and amphibians. This biological richness has attracted local birding clubs, and nearby schools are using the site for wetland ecology field trips. As an added bonus, TWT was able to convert the former golf course clubhouse into an experimental ecological research laboratory. Researchers from SUNY ESF are currently using the lab to rear a rare river salamander, the Eastern hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis), for reintroduction into the Susquehanna River drainage. (See TWT’s Eastern Hellbender Initiative for more information.)

TWT plans to continue to use its ILF funds to develop new restoration sites within the Central NY program boundary with a focus on large expanses of riparian bottomlands, as well as smaller parcels with unique botanical diversity (we have several high-priority sites in the queue). As we move forward with the protection and restoration of new sites, we will continue to encourage the use of our sites by university researchers, local schools, and nature lovers alike. Engaging and connecting with the public on wetland and biodiversity education and adds tremendous value to the program, allowing TWT meet its wetland conservation mission in a rather unique way.

Service Areas can be viewed here:

Credits prices are $91,580/credit for the five (5) Susquehanna Basin Service Areas (Unadilla, Tioughnioga, Cayuta, Cohocton and Canisteo), and $98,022 for the remainder. Contact Jim Curatolo, TWT Executive Director (607-765-4780 or for the latest ILF pricing and sale information.