In Lieu-Fee Wetland Mitigation

The Wetland Trust’s (TWT) New York In-Lieu Fee program sells wetland mitigation credits for permitted wetland impacts throughout much of New York State.  TWT assumes all responsibilities on behalf of the permittee for implementing wetland restoration projects approved by the US Army Corps of Engineers. TWT’s New York Service Areas can be viewed here. Through this program, TWT has protected more than 1,600 acres of the highest quality wetland in New York State in the same watersheds where wetland impacts were permitted.

Credit Purchase Information:

  1. If you are early in the process of a project that you believe may need mitigation credits, please call us. We will provide you with all the background information needed to understand the In-Lieu Fee wetland mitigation process.
  2. Once your project is approved, the US Army Corps will determine how many credits you will need to proceed.
  3. Upon credit purchase from TWT, we will work with you to complete a Transaction Letter for the US Army Corps proving mitigation has been provided.

Prices are $91,580/credit for the five Susquehanna Basin Service Areas (Unadilla, Tioughnioga, Cayuta, Cohocton and Canisteo), and $98,022 for the remainder.

Click here for service area map:
TWT In-Lieu Fee Program Map

For latest In-Lieu Fee wetland mitigation pricing and sales information contact:

Jim Curatolo
TWT Executive Director