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2012 Northeast Wetland Restoration Institute - The Wetland Trust recently hosted a week-long wetland restoration workshop in Tully NY. Participants spent a week in upstate New York visiting wetlands, learning about wetland restoration and drainage, designing wetlands and constructing wetland restoration projects from start to finish. This training is also known as Wetland Boot Camp, and was led by author and speaker Tom Biebighauser. Visit our NEWRI Page for more information, or click here to view an online photo album. 2012 NEWRI
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New Additions      

View a slideshow on Native Plants for Sustainable Landscapes by Dr. Don Leopold. This slideshow includes:

  • a discussion of native species
  • a guide to recommended species in various difficult community types
  • over 100 slides with many large, high quality photos
View recent additions to the TWT protected lands page here

What's Next for the TWT

We plan to develop and host a wetland plant database with many high quality plant photos and plant community descriptions; check back soon for more information!




Please contact us for information about our program and ways to partner in wetland protection.


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